Hi! I'm Lincoln, founder of LuminaEdge.

My love of refrigerator writing began with habit tracking.  I would love to keep track of my goals and daily effort on a sheet of paper magnetized to my refrigerator in college.  A place where I would visit often, so it was always within my eyeline.  Through this practice I could measure my progress and see have insight to why I may not be progressing toward my goals. 

As I got older the tattered and wrinkled sheet of paper pinned to the fridge was no longer acceptable as kitchen décor, and I slowly got out of the routine of tracking my daily habits and goals. 

One day I was meeting a friend at his home, and as I entered the kitchen area, I noticed he and his wife had a similar tattered sheet on his fridge and a rough and ugly paper calendar pinned to the nearby door.  He is an entrepreneur, and she is trying to run the household with three young children.  This reminded me of my old habit-tracking, and I thought to myself there must be a better looking and more efficient way for this family to keep up with each other’s schedules. 

I went online as anyone does and found a few options.  Subsequently purchased a couple of those options, but quickly realized these were low quality and not attractive options for the modern kitchen. 

That is when I began looking into manufacturing a great looking and reusable product that would last many years.  The products you see in this store are the result of that effort.

I hope my products help you and your family meet their future goals.

Thank you for visiting LuminaEdge, and happy tracking to you!


Lincoln Tramel