1. Store your markers inverted to keep the maximum ink level in the tip ready to go. 
2. Everyone in the household needs to be sure to check the calendar daily and update it consistently. 
3. The Eraser works best if used just after the marker ink dries. Wait for the ink to dry before using the eraser. 
4. If you want to remove wet ink, dab with a paper towel, followed by an alcohol towel once the left-over ink has dried. 
5. To erase writing that has been on the calendar for a few days or weeks, use an alcohol wipe.  
6. Use 90% or above alcohol to prevent oil from remaining on your calendar after drying. 
7. You can remove the magnets to clean under them. lefty loosie, righty tightie. They should be removable by hand, but if pliers are needed remember to be gentle and use a soft towel underneath not to scratch. 
8. Take the time to use the weekly planner once a week, maybe on Sunday evening, and plan your week accordingly. 
9. Consistency is key after 21-30 days you will be in the habit of using your monthly and weekly calendar and your family will be more organized than ever.